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Spotlight: Renewable Energy Stocks to Watch: STEM, NEE, ISWH, QS

The renewable energy movement is now an established facet of the developed world, with expectations boosted by the transition in Washington DC to the Biden administration, which has already pledged its commitment to the sustainable energy cause to the tune of roughly twice the real-dollar investment that went into the space program in the 1960’s. Furthermore, the Environment, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) investment theme is thought to drive as much as $67 trillion in investment flows over...

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Crypto as the New Inflation Hedge

According to many accounts, Bitcoin has supplanted Gold as the primary means to invest in a store of value as a defense against the boogeyman of Inflation. One of the most interesting data points to arise during this Q1 earnings season is a note from Bank of America several days ago pointing out the explosion in references by reporting companies of the term “inflation” as a major driver impacting results and guidance going forward. The Fed is rooted in the notion that inflation at this stage...

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Crypto Prospects: ISWH (OTC US: ISWH) in Focus as Operations Pick Up in 2021 (NASDAQ: COIN) (NASDAQ: RIOT) (NASDAQ: CAN) (NASDAQ: MSTR) (NASDAQ: PYPL) (NASDAQ: MARA)

The crypto space is in a corrective mode. It happens in any trend. What investors want to understand right now, more than ever, is this: what is the long-term trajectory for major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? In other words, was this all a bubble fantasy set for another 90 percent dive like the one we saw after the BTC futures started trading in December 2017? Or is it different this time? As we try to evaluate this question, one might consider something other than trying the endlessly...

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It’s Time for the Crypto Shopping List (OTC US: GBTC) (NASDAQ: MARA) (OTC US: ISWH) (OTC US: HVBTF) (NASDAQ: OSTK) (NYSE: SQ)

The Biden administration stepped up to the plate on Monday and expressed its desire to create a crypto regulatory authority. We don’t have many details yet, but it appears clear that the administration is planning on introducing new pathways to getting the crypto lion under the whip. And it appears rumors related to this shift may have been at least partly responsible for the flash crash in Bitcoin over the weekend. This caused investment vehicles in the space to stumble, including Grayscale...

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Is a Bitcoin ETF Inevitable, and What to do about it? (NYSE: SQ) (NASDAQ: OSTK) (OTC US: ISWH) (OTC US: HVBTF)

Want to know how to jet Bitcoin to $100K or higher? Introduce a full-fledged ETF that allows less sophisticated retail market participants to get a piece of the action. Will it happen? The short answer is Yes. The long answer is Yes definitely. The stars are probably aligning in that direction and the signs are popping up everywhere. The main factor is simply that Wall Street has started to figure out how to make money off of growing excitement about Bitcoin. Several years ago, this wasn’t the...

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The Coinbase direct listing exposed the vulnerability of the massive run higher in risk bets ahead of the big COIN show. The stock opened for live trading right around the $381 level and took off like a shot. But the supply came in above $420 and put the top in for the day. And, when COIN shares fell back under the $380 level, the bottom dropped out and the stock didn’t find support until touching $310. However, its close in the $328 area still gives it a market cap above $85 billion. And the...

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Why ISW Holdings (OTC US: ISWH) May be the Value Play in Crypto (NASDAQ: MSTR) (NASDAQ: RIOT) (NASDAQ: MARA) (NYSE: SOS) (OTC US: HVBTF) (NASDAQ: CAN)

The Coinbase direct listing is coming, and it’s expected to be a doozy. The leading crypto exchange will begin trading on the Nasdaq next week, and one can imagine that the timing of this decision was an indication of how confident management was in the company’s Q1 results and guide for 2021 yesterday afternoon. The report serves as a fundamental checkpoint for the space as a whole. And boy howdy: Ring the bell. Talk about a blowout report. Coinbase released performance data yesterday...

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Top Perspectives on the Crypto Bull Trend (OTC US: HVBTF) (NASDAQ: MSTR) (OTC US: ISWH) (NASDAQ: RIOT)

For many investors, the sticky nature of the Bitcoin boom is finally starting to kick in. To call it a bubble is to basically directly state that “most people” are overly leveraged to its current price level. For the true believers, that’s a laughable idea at this point. “Most people” have heard of Bitcoin, but don’t have any exposure to its upside potential. Furthermore, Gold – it’s supposed asset class competitor and proxy as a ‘store of value’ – is still worth over six times as much as...

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More Momo in Crypto as Citi and Goldman Pile In (NASDAQ: CAN) (NASDAQ: RIOT) (OTC US: ISWH) (NASDAQ: MARA)

As we have noted, the argument for or against Bitcoin comes down to future prospects for legitimacy as a currency system. The "store of value", "speculative asset", and "diversification" arguments are all second-order pathways contingent upon its ability to establish itself as a legitimate, mainstream medium of exchange with widespread network-effect legitimacy. But, ironically, that legitimacy may ultimately depend on its acceptance in financial asset terms. Hence, the future is looking...

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The Real Meaning of the Crypto Investment Boom (OTC US: HVBTF) (NASDAQ: RIOT) (OTC US: ISWH) (NYSE: SOS)

Bitcoin. Is it “the new gold”? Is it a store of value? Is it a functional medium of exchange? Is it a digital collectible? Everyone has an opinion on the cryptocurrency world at this point, which makes the current boom very different from the one we saw several years ago. The other very important difference is, this time, Bitcoin has found mass adoption and institutional legitimacy, with wide participation by major corporate entities (Tesla, JPMorgan, PayPal, Square, BNY Mellon, Goldman Sachs,...

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The Next Leg of the Bitcoin Stock Bull (NASDAQ: RIOT) (OTC US: ISWH) (NASDAQ: MARA) (NASDAQ: CAN)

At long last, Bitcoin has broken above the $50k mark. That statement would seem unimaginable if it were beamed into the past by just 6 months, when BTC was trading at just a fifth of that price. The alt-currency has been powered by an increasing air of legitimacy driven by confidence in its long-term viability as demonstrated by corporate giants accepting, investing in, or otherwise working with Bitcoin. Large firms like Tesla and Mastercard showing support for crypto. Tesla last week revealed...

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