Logistics Stocks Start to Find Big Interest (NYSE: XPO) (OTC US: MJLB) (NASDAQ: LSTR)

As legendary investor Stanley Druckenmiller recently put it, we are heading for perhaps the most dramatic moment of pent-up demand being unleashed in the economy (as vaccine-driven herd immunity helps reopen the economy to its full strength) and yet we still have trillions more in stimulus working and on the way over the intermediate term. That’s a powder keg of end demand driving asset prices higher. But, for investors, the golden question is about which areas may offer access to the most...

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Four Transports Stocks for the Reopening Trade (NASDAQ: LSTR) (NASDAQ: ODFL) (OTC: MJLB) (NYSE: XPO)

It’s important for investors to realize that the pandemic’s impact won’t end with the deployment of an effective vaccine. Lots of things have changed since February. Many of those factors will never revert back to how the world worked in the pre-pandemic age. A great example is the explosive rise of the ecommerce trend. The key to understanding why is about market penetration. While you may be used to shopping online and ordering everything delivered to your doorstep, that wasn’t typical for...

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