Why Companies Are Betting Big on Blockchain and a Decentralized Future

Blockchain is more than just a buzz word. In fact, blockchain is being considered one of the biggest market disruptors the world has ever seen. If you think the Internet was something big, blockchain could be even bigger.  The 1st Industrial Revolution was steam, the 2nd was electricity, and the third was computing. Now it is blockchain that could be considered the 4th. While almost everybody is talking about this revolutionary technology, not too many people know why it is important, or what...

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Investors Remain Focused on the Crypto Space (OTC US: HVBTF) (OTC US: MINE) (NASDAQ: MARA)

Few themes have come to define the current surge in capital investment and asset prices – and the culture around this bull market – like the cryptocurrency space. The explosion higher in the price of Bitcoin gains most of the attention, but the larger theme is much bigger than just Bitcoin. A new concept of money and of transacting value is emerging, and it is gaining traction with increasing legitimacy driven, in large part, by the attachment of brands and influential supporters. This group...

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BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL--July 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- -- Jupiter Gold Corporation (OTC: JUPGF) (“Jupiter Gold” or the “Company”) today reported that it has received an initial equity investment from U.S. institutional investor Warberg Asset Management LLC. Marc Fogassa, CEO of the Company commented, “We’re excited about value creation in the next several months, and honored to have Warberg as shareholder.” Jupiter Gold has never issued any debt, relying only on equity capital. Jupiter Gold...

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