Pain at the Pump Equals EV Promise (KULR, TSLA, FSR, NKLA, FCEL, PLUG, NIO)

The price of gasoline keeps rising for three simple reasons. First, the initial lockdowns associated with the pandemic caused a painful crash in crude oil and related markets, with crude sinking as low as negative-forty dollars per barrel. For the rest of 2020 up until we started seeing the light at the end of the vaccine research tunnel, oil companies were kept in a state of fear about the next lockdowns to come. As a result, no one invested in expanding production capacity, which put the...

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Four EV Stocks with Key Catalysts in Play (TSLA, FSR, KULR, NKLA)

There are several reasons to deeply believe in the long-term secular tailwind behind the electric vehicle space. First, according to Morgan Stanley research, about $67 trillion is set to be transferred over the next decade through inheritance from the Boomers to the Zoomers and Millennials. Hence, investment firepower will flow toward people who want to see a defining transition from gas-powered to electric on the highways. And second, we have seen no new investment in fresh sources of supply...

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The Next Phase of the EV stock Boom (NASDAQ: NKLA) (OTC US: KULR) (NYSE: NIO)

Along with cryptocurrency, cannabis, high short interest, and biotech, the electric vehicle space is in the top tier as far as interest from the retail investing crowd so far in 2021. Since retail investors have come to dominate this phase of the bull market, active investors would be wise to scope out the space with an eye toward identifying the EV names that have the potential to ascend into prominence ahead. With that in mind, we take a closer look at a few stocks aligned with that theme...

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Forget about TSLA and NKLA, NIO Inc. (NYSE: NIO) might hit $100 price target and here’s why

Insider Financial has been covering NIO since shares were just $6. Even after almost 500% gains, Insider Financial remains bullish. Read the FULL REPORT HERE Look at Insider Financial’s history on NIO. Insider Financial recommended NIO over Nikola Corp. (NASDAQ:NKLA). When Goldman Sachs said to sell NIO, Insider Financial said the smart play was to ignore Goldman Sachs and buy NIO. In August, after NIO sold off after earnings, Insider Financial said to buy the dip in NIO. NIO is destined to...

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