How the Infrastructure Bill Could Power Green Tech (ECOX, BLNK, PLUG, ENPH, FCEL, NEE)

As the infrastructure negotiations continue to evolve, one thing is patently clear: the Biden Administration is not going to budge on allotting funds to help drive the world’s biggest and most energy-intensive economy further and further toward a clean, green energy infrastructure paradigm. If the GOP doesn’t like it, the Dems will simply move to assign the infrastructure in the budget reconciliation process to kick off next year, where the filibuster doesn’t apply, and they only need 50 votes...

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Pain at the Pump Equals EV Promise (KULR, TSLA, FSR, NKLA, FCEL, PLUG, NIO)

The price of gasoline keeps rising for three simple reasons. First, the initial lockdowns associated with the pandemic caused a painful crash in crude oil and related markets, with crude sinking as low as negative-forty dollars per barrel. For the rest of 2020 up until we started seeing the light at the end of the vaccine research tunnel, oil companies were kept in a state of fear about the next lockdowns to come. As a result, no one invested in expanding production capacity, which put the...

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Are EV Battery Stocks Primed to Explode on Growth Rotation (FCEL, BYDDY, KULR, PLUG)?

One of the most important inputs in the jigsaw puzzle of top-down financial analysis so far this year has been interest rates at the long end of the US yield curve. As rates go higher (generally on inflation expectations), money tends to rotate out of so-called “Growth Stocks” into so-called “Value Stocks”. And vice versa. This is because the future cost of money is a factor in quant models. And companies that trade on high multiples based on 2025 revenue estimates take a hit when the cost of...

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If EV Stocks Bounce, Watch KULR (OTC US: KULR) as Emerging Battery Safety Play (NASDAQ: TSLA) (NASDAQ: WKHS) (NASDAQ: FCEL) (NASDAQ: PLUG) (NYSE: NIO) (NASDAQ: BLNK)

Thursday was Earth Day. It was also Day One of Joe Biden’s two-day virtual climate summit involving leaders from around the world. Biden’s objectives for the event became strikingly clear: The US is back at the table, battling climate change and being a good-faith actor on sustainability, and we are prepared to prove it. Among the 40 heads of state gathered for the event (virtually), sentiment, as reported across news coverage of the event, suggests the US will have to do more than just make...

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EV Battery Stocks Continue to Impress (NASDAQ: FCEL) (OTC US: KULR) (NASDAQ: PLUG)

The Electric Vehicle space, led by Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is clearly the hottest thing since sliced bread right now, leading the charge in this 1999-ish red-hot stock market as Millennials and Gen-Z-ers begin to discover the wonders of the stock market. And that’s not likely to change as an overall dynamic. Morgan Stanley estimates that $68 trillion will flow to these younger big generations through inheritances over the next decade, which will continue to arm them with investable resources,...

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