The Pandemic is a Long-Term Factor (NASDAQ: QDEL) (NYSEAMERICAN: APT) (OTC US: BNOW) (NYSE: ABT)

The pandemic won’t always be a pandemic, but the virus is going to with us as an endemic part of life. That’s the message from a new piece on Reuters. Reuters interviewed 18 virus specialists working on the pandemic. According to the piece, the specialists were hopeful that we would be able to totally eradicate Covid-19 after we started to get strong data on how effective the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were in November and December. However, recent data emerging from new variants in South...

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Three Stocks to Target the Testing Test (NYSE: ABT) (OTC: ALST) (NASDAQ: QDEL)

It’s all about testing. Short of a vaccine, testing is the high-margin investment from a social survival standpoint for the whole system. Testing, testing, testing. The virus is invisible. It’s impossible to see something that’s invisible, by definition. And it’s impossible to beat something you can’t see. Testing is how we see it, in a manner of speaking. Given that we are barreling toward a fresh cold and flu season that will act as an overlay to the pandemic, investors may benefit from a...

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