Atlas Nanotech Targets the World’s Largest Consumer Health Products Companies to License the First-Ever Nanotechnology Vitamin A (Retinol) Based Crystalline Eye Drop

    GUADALAJARA, Mexico, November 14, 2019 -- – Costas, Inc. (OTC: CSSI) DBA/Atlas Nanotech, (the “Company”) is currently in discussions to license their proprietary nanotechnology vitamin a (retinol) based crystalline eye drops known under the trade name “NANO CLEAR A”, to the leading eye drop manufactures, by licensing Nano Clear A to existing top tier eye drop manufactures it will allow the product to be widely used at a rapid pace. Atlas Nanotech’s business model is to develop and patent...

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Atlas Nanotech Announces the Successful Development of the First Ever ‘Over The Counter’ Vitamin ‘A’ (Retinol) Eye-Drops

  GUADALAJARA, México-Sept. 23, 2019 – -- Costas Inc. (OTC: CSSI) DBA Atlas Nanotech adds another unique nanotechnology medical product to its portfolio. Today CEO Dr. Julio Riestra announced the completion of development of the first-ever nanotechnology vitamin A (retinol) based crystalline eye drop. The product to be sold under the trade name “NANO CLEAR A” will compete with products in the treatment of dry eye disease, a $1.8-billion market in the U.S. The development represents the...

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