A Buy-the-Dip Opportunity in the Solar Space? (NASDAQ: ARRY) (OTC US: GSFI) (NASDAQ: SPWR)

The narrative in the solar space is both highly variable and very stable. On the one hand, the rules keep changing and stocks in the space keep reacting. But state-by-state rules are also important. This week, we found out that a possible alteration to California solar rules might damage the prospects of solar installers and developers in the state. Specifically, 3 big utilities in the state proposed new charges and a reduction in a key benefit for solar customers. PG&E (PCG), Southern...

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Navigating the Solar Stock Shakeout (NASDAQ: FSLR) (NASDAQ: SPWR) (OTC US: GSFI) (NASDAQ: CSIQ)

The big answer is “ESG”, which stands for “Environmental, Social, and Governance”. The ESG movement is a defining aspect of the business economy now and will be for the long-term. The upshot is that companies now file ESG reports to show how they are working to reduce their carbon footprints and make a positive contribution to society. While it extends well beyond environmental issues, the green movement is an enormous piece of the ESG puzzle. In fact, it is estimated that as much as $68...

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Solar Stocks for the Win (NASDAQ: SPWR) (NASDAQ: RUN) (OTC US: GSFI) (NASDAQ: SEDG)

The climate agenda has taken center stage as the Biden administration takes control in Washington DC and the Dems grab the wheel in both houses of Congress and look to enact an agenda with environmental sustainability at its heart. The upshot is likely to be continued strength in the solar stocks on the back of an expected $400 billion in clean energy funding set to roll out of DC over the intermediate term. With that in mind, we take a closer look at some of the more interesting names in the...

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Solar Stocks Power Up on Hot Expectations (NASDAQ: SEDG) (OTC US: GSFI) (NASDAQ: SPWR)

To close last year, the U.S. was on pace to install a 19 gigawatts of new solar capacity for the year of 2020 -- a new record. That comes from Wood Mackenzie and the Solar Energy Industries Association. This record is set to be beaten in 2021 if you believe the messaging from the new caretakers of Washington DC. That pace is set to be matched by a similar progression going in the EU. Underlying drivers include supportive policies in major markets around the world, the greening push for...

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