Spirits Stocks Deserve a Look as Cabin Fever Sets In (NYSE:SAM) (OTC US:SBEV) (NYSE:STZ)

With virus data going through the roof in recent weeks, and new records of cases and hospitalizations defining a terrible in the US and most of the northern hemisphere, investors may benefit from shifting capital allocations into staples as we head into the heart of the cold and flu season. That means consumer package goods, pharmaceuticals, and spirits. In the latter case, growth is still on the radar, especially as alcohol consumption rises due to a record-setting trend in cabin fever. With...

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Rotation Ahead? Watch the Spirits Space (NYSE: STZ) (OTC: SBEV) (NYSE: TAP)

As the election process winds down, we appear to be heading toward a gridlock government, with Biden taking the White House, and the GOP holding onto control of the Senate. That promises to restrain fiscal stimulus and possibly drive capital flows from cyclical stocks into staples. One area that often wins during rotations like this is the spirits industry, where growth is stable, debt is generally low and booked on strong terms due to the stability of cash flows. With that in mind, we take a...

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