Luxury Stocks in Focus as Spending Booms (NYSE: SIG) (OTC US: SKDI) (NYSE: TPR)

Massive stimulus checks, extreme Fed easing, a strengthening inflationary outlook, rising employment, faster-than-expected vaccine rollout, and the movement out of the cold and flu season in the northern hemisphere are all contributing to rising economic expectations. With those expectations on the rise, the fact of a 20% savings rate is even more remarkable. The amount of buying power that this represents is hard to conceptualize. And, so far, it is adding up to a big boost in demand for...

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Surging Econ Confidence Could Drive Luxury Stocks (NYSE: MOV) (NYSE: SIG) (OTC US: SKDI) (NYSE: TPR)

Copper is nearing an all-time high. The copper market has a nickname: “Dr. Copper”. That name comes from the old adage that copper has PhD in economics – when it’s hot, you can expect a strong economy on the way. As we near the unleashing of another multi-trillion-dollar round of stimulus, it makes sense that copper has run so far. The vaccines appear to be working. The pandemic is almost behind us. Economic confidence is bubbling over. The upshot is the potential for inflation on the horizon....

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