Is Arbitration Confidential?

    London, UK, November 10, 2021 - McapMediaWire - It is generally assumed as a matter of commercial dealings that arbitration proceedings will be both private and confidential. The first assumption is essentially correct. Arbitrations are private in that third parties who are not a party to the arbitration agreement cannot attend any hearings or play any part in the arbitration proceedings. The second assumption, since the 1990s, is not. Confidentiality – which is concerned with...

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7 Things Your Business Should Do Now to Avoid Non-Compliance Issues

    London, UK, October 22, 2021 - McapMediaWire - No matter what stage your business is in, you will need to work on your business. However, you will also want to spend time on other essential things. The US corporate compliance world is fraught with regulatory threats. You should be aware that many industries will have different forms of compliance that are specific to them. However, by the end of this post, you will learn some essential things that you must do to avoid issues...

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DRBF 20th Annual International Conference

London, UK, July 15, 2021 - McapMediaWire - On June 30, DRBF's 20th Annual International Conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal. Advisory Excellence Member, Giovanni Di Folco, was a speaker at the event. Giovanni is the President of Techno Engineering & Associates, which is a key player in the industry. Event details: 30 June: Q&A about DBs -  Mr Giovanni Di Folco, together with Mr. Sean Gibbs, Mr. Ignacio Palacios, and Mrs. Giorgiana Tecuci;  1 July: Effective Project Delivery: DBs...

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LinkResPet (OTC: LRSV) Explores Expansion Into Pet Functional Supplement Space

  The company is looking to build on its existing CBD product offer for pets Currently valued at $6.3billion, the pet nutraceutical market is expected to reach $8billion in 2024 Functional supplements and nutraceuticals are ingredients that promote health and possess demonstrated physiological benefits KINGTON, UK, September 9, 2019 -- -- LinkResPet (“The Company”), a subsidiary of Link Reservations Inc. (OTC: LRSV), a company providing cannabidiol (CBD) products especially tailored for pets,...

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