ZICIX Announces Plan to Join The Amazon For Life Project

  Carson City, NV, Nov. 22, 2021 -- McapMediaWire -- Dr. Ramiro Jordan, President of Zicix Corporation (OTC Pink: ZICX), will be overseeing the latest project for the Zicix Group/Peace Engineering partnership. By signing a Joint Venture Agreement with EMVISUR SRL, Zicix has pledged their services to the Amazon For Life (AFL) project. EMVISUR SRL, represented by Javier Calvo Kirigin, has gathered a team of experts in Large-Scale Forestry and Agriculture, Indigenous Community liaisons,...

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ZICIX Announces First Pilot Program Under New President

  Carson City, NV, Sept. 13, 2021 -- McapMediaWire -- Dr. Ramiro Jordan has announced his first pilot program as the new President of Zicix, Inc. (OTC Pink: ZICX). He will begin bringing healthcare technology globally as part of the Peace Engineering initiative at Zicix. As previously outlined in Company news releases, Dr. Jordan has access to networks of innovation and plans to use Zicix Corporation as the vehicle to bring these technologies to market. Now, Dr. Jordan, along with CEO...

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ZICIX President Plans to Bring Revolutionary Technology to Market

  Carson City, NV, August 19, 2021 - McapMediaWire - Zicix Corporation President Ramiro Jordan (OTC Pink: ZICX) has announced his plans for the company, coming just days after Chairman William Petty published a letter outlining the delay of the digital coupon app called ‘Zicix App’. In his letter to Zicix shareholders, Mr. Petty covered in detail all the delays due to the app development team. While progress halts on that front, President Ramiro Jordan has been hard at work attracting...

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ZICIX Corp. President Ramiro Jordan Announces Vision for the Future

  Carson City, NV, July 28, 2021 - McapMediaWire - It has only been a month since Ramiro Jordan was appointed as the President of ZICIX Corporation (OTC Pink: ZICX), but he has already been working hard to shape the future of the company. Dr. Jordan sees a vision far beyond coupons on a smartphone app; he plans to use ZICIX as the facilitator of change on a global scale. Under the guidance of Dr. Jordan, ZICIX will partner with the Peace Engineering Global Initiative, which brings...

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ZICIX Corp. Appoints Dr. Ramiro Jordan as President

  Carson City, NV, June 24, 2021 - McapMediaWire -The ZICIX Corporation Board of Directors (OTC Pink: ZICX) is pleased to officially announce the appointment of Dr. Ramiro Jordan, of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dr. Jordan is a highly esteemed engineer and advocate for eco- friendly technology and advancement. Throughout Dr. Jordan’s storied career, he has served in many roles for many different organizations such as the United Nations, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, University of New Mexico,...

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ZICIX App seeking Beta Testers as the Launch Date Approaches

  Carson City, NV, June 15, 2021 - MCapMediaWire - ZICIX Corporation (OTC Pink: ZICX) has taken the next step toward launching its premier smartphone app by accepting sign-ups for beta testers at a new website  Users that register on the website will be provided details to download and install the app on their devices. By creating this test group, ZICIX will be able to prepare the smartphone app for public release. The ZICIX App is being tested on both the Google...

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ZICIX Smartphone Application System Entering Next Phase of Testing, Expansion

Carson City, NV, December 1, 2020 - - Zicix Corporation (OTC PINK: ZICX) has updated their smartphone coupon application systems. The second generation of Zicix App has been under development and will soon be able to run on Apple iOS and Android Smartphones. The ZICIX smartphone application will enable consumers to find exciting deals, as well as host a merchant portal for businesses to manage coupons and view redemption reports. Manufacturers will have access to merchants worldwide in order...

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ZICIX Launches New Website & Update on Smartphone App Development

Carson City, NV, November 11, 2020 - - ZICIX Corporation (OTC PINK: ZICX) has launched the latest version of their website, which can be found at The website now features more information about some of the exciting projects that Zicix leadership continues to work on. CEO William Petty said, “We want to disrupt the staleness of traditional coupons with the introduction of our seamlessly integrated platform that brings together all parties involved in couponing and...

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ZICIX Set to Modernize the Coupon Industry with an Innovative, Integrated Smartphone App and Dashboard Solution

Carson City, NV, October 20, 2020, – ZICIX (OTC PINK: ZICX) is making great progress on a revolutionary smartphone app that is a modernized approach to digital coupons, rebates and offer solutions. Although the beta phase of the app was brought to market earlier this year, ZICIX will continue to expand functionality in order to be a first-class contender in the coupon space. Users will be able to browse stores, locate coupons and get product suggestions as they shop in person or online. These...

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Zicix Corporation Reports Cash Flow

Carson City, NV, May 12, 2020 – Zicix Corporation (OTC PINK: ZICX) has been in negotiations to bring lifesaving Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the United States in light of the Covid-19 outbreak. CEO William Petty announced Monday that he had finalized the first sale of PPE in the form of K95 and surgical masks to a Senior Care Facility in Texas. The first order has been fulfilled in what looks to be an ongoing partnership, with a total of 18 possible facilities receiving the...

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ZICIX App Available for Download on Google Play Store

Carson City, NV, January 27, 2020 – (OTC Pink: ZICX) The long-awaited Zicix App has hit the open market today, available for download exclusively on the Google Play Store. Consumers can gain access to the App for just 99 cents, which will offer hundreds of dollars in savings with coupons from major manufacturers such as Procter & Gamble, Kraft, Clorox, Colgate, Hershey’s, Johnson & Johnson, and Kellogg. Targeted retailers include Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and all retail...

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ZICIX App Nearing Completion, Expected Launch Early 2020

Carson City, NV, December 9, 2019  -- – (OTC Pink: ZICX) ZICIX Corporation has reached the final phase of App Development and looks forward to the launch in early Spring 2020. The proposed App will be a seamless way for budget-savvy consumers to search for and apply any applicable discounts to their shopping cart, all with the touch of a button. The first stage of the App’s launch will cover an umbrella group of 20 retailers offering their coupons direct to the consumer. William Petty, CEO of...

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Zicix Signs Agreement with PGX Holdings for Development, Distribution of CBD Product Line

Carson City, NV, September 10, 2019  -- – (OTC Pink: ZICX) – After several weeks’ negotiation, Zicix Corporation CEO William Petty and PGX Holdings, LLC CEO Charles Rodkey have signed an agreement. Under a joint venture, they plan to distribute a line of hemp-derived Canabidiol products. Additionally, Zicix plans to harvest dozens of acres for raw hemp, to maintain quality control throughout the extraction and development process in order to keep manufacturing costs low while bringing these...

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