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Tampa, FL, February 25th, 2021 – – Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc (OTC Pink: UATG) (UAT Group) announced today that it has initiated the acquisition of the Denver, Colorado based manufacturer of water treatment components and systems company H2O Processing, Inc.

Chief Executive Officer, Alex Umbra commented, “H2O represents an evolution in water treatment technology commensurate with the growing environmental demands of modern times. What Stan and his team at H2O have developed is exceptionally dynamic and will result in a paradigm shift within the segment. This addition to our suite of companies supports our commitment to building value within our subsidiary structure and delivering improved shareholder value”.

H2O Processing is a manufacturing, research and engineering company, that has been operating within the water treatment space for 30 years in varying capacities. With an expanding portfolio of intellectual property, the H2O team has just recently begun its expansion into a full-provider and manufacturer of mobile on-site and fixed commercial water treatment platforms.

The company’s mobile water treatment platform concluded field testing and certification within the past five years and has been awarded the only state-wide permit in all 77 counties within Oklahoma, to treat deleterious water to non-deleterious water. The mobile platforms are fully automated and can be managed remotely by either H2O Processing from their headquarters in Denver or managed by the customers onsite team. The mobile platform is ready for commercial production and introduction into the market.

H2O Processing CEO stated, “we are aware of more than 2 trillion gallons of water that need to be treated in the United States daily.  This is a tremendous market that will require new water treatment equipment on a large scale.  We want to be in a position to supply this equipment with our associate company Processing Engineering, Inc so that we can further enhance our relationship with UAT Group. This path forward will allow H2O the capability of meeting the future demands as a “green” company”.

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