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Carlsbad, Ca.-September 5, 2019 — — V Group, Inc. (OTCPINK: VGID) is delighted to implement an exciting opportunity to fulfill the dreams of a worthy entrepreneur.

Following V Group’s formula of Incubation, Implementation and Spin-off, V Group, Inc. will be inviting the public to participate in Incubation number 4.

            Incubation number 1 was Fernhill Beverage (OTCPINK: FHBC)

            Incubation number 2 was Leaf of Faith Beverage (OTCPINK: LOFB)

            Incubation number 3 is Hollywood Star Cuts (In Process)

V Group, Inc. will be assembling an Independent Board of experienced business professionals. These professionals will be responsible for reviewing business plans and selecting the most qualified business plan and fortunate entrepreneur. The Board will consist of persons from diverse fields such as food and beverage, tech, manufacturing and retail.

To be eligible for consideration of development, the entrepreneur must submit a plan that is implementable quickly.

The project must be able to be launched with a maximum expense of $100,000.00.

The incubation project must be scalable for growth.

The entrepreneur must agree to allow the incubation project to become public as a “stand alone” entity.

The entrepreneur must agree that a portion of the equity of the “stand alone” entity be distributed among V Group shareholders.

V Group, Inc. will agree to provide funding for the formation and development of the incubation entity. Once launched, operational and conducting business, V Group, Inc.will agree to assist the incubation entity through the “becoming public” process.

The Independent Board will be considering business plans that V group, Inc. is currently not in the process of incubating in an attempt to be diverse and not to compete with existing V Group Incubation Projects.

V Group, Inc. will be accepting Incubation ideas starting October 1st, 2019.  V Group, Inc will be accepting plan applications until November 1st, 2019. The Independent Board will be reviewing business plans throughout the month of November. The Board will select 3 contenders in December 2019. Once the finalists are announced, the contenders will have one month to make any changes needed to their plan utilizing the expertise of the independent Board.

In January 2020, the finalists will have the opportunity to make a final presentation to the entire Board via video presentation.

All confidential applications will be submitted via business plan to

V Group, Inc. is passionate about developing opportunity for enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

“We believe the surest way to develop shareholder value is to develop appealing businesses with motivated and talented people that the shareholders can participate in. We look forward to the thoughts and ideas of the hungry entrepreneur.” States: Larry Twombly; V Group, Inc. CEO.

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