With the strategic acquisition of HempArmor™, Inc., Stevia Nutra Corp (STNT) is now poised to manufacture indestructible, ballistic personal protective garments of graphene and foam, from its specialized formulations of hemp fiber

Las Vegas, NV, March 5, 2020 — Stevia Nutra Corp. (OTC PINK: STNT) announces the acquisition of New Earth Development Corporation a Colorado corporation, which includes HempArmor™ Inc., an Illinois corporation. With this acquisition, Stevia Nutra which will create and manufacture indestructible, ballistic personal protective garments made from specialized formulations of hemp fiber, graphene and foam.

Hemp fibers are the strongest fibers in the world and can be easily woven into light weight and indestructible vests, helmets and protective clothing. Hemp fiber textile is stronger and lighter than Kevlar, while also water and fire resistant. Hemp can also be extremely durable while lightweight, making it a perfect fiber to hold up against the elements. The use of these materials is far more suitable to full-body protection, with unparalleled protection.

Current ballistic protection systems are heavy and awkward, with limited mobility and agility, and not very durable and heavy in comparison to our HempArmor alternative.

Hemp armor protective system design has all of the elements to include optimizing level III National Institute of Justice Standards. It is a combination of hemp fiber textile, Carbon Era™ graphene flexable level IV plating system and D3o™ absorption foam.

Its Unique Properties include:

•70% lighter than ceramic plating system – so light it floats
•Extremely water and fire and UV resistant
•“Soldier Proof” – kicked, dropped, thrown – will not compromise the integrity of the system or otherwise
adversely affect its protective qualities
•Can easily withstand direct impact from multiple rounds
•The hardest substance known to mankind, 10 times harder than diamond, N3o can absorb the force of impact to
reduce the effects of bruising and even fractures of head or chest cavities
•Flexible for increased mobility, agility and endurance
•Superconductive – susceptible to 21st-century innovations not yet imagined
•Its carbon neutrality renders the growing of our hemp, with our unique seeds, helpful to the environment as
it draws carbon from the atmosphere.


•Hemp Armor ™ has identified multiple markets in its current focus upon special programs with the Department
of Defense and police departments needing protective gear, domestically and internationally
•Fueled by our contacts within the NFL, we will bring our products to the public starting with a
presentation directed to the NFL
•Our products will reduce concussions and the severity of head injuries with our bullet proof helmut’s space
age protection.

The utility of these products is enormous for more information please visit our web-site:
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