XcelPlus International exhibits at Mining Disrupt 2021, solicits partnerships with crypto miners


RENO, NV, August 13, 2021 – McapMediaWire — XcelPlus International Inc. (OTC PINK: XLPID) announced today that it intends to actively pursue partnerships with crypto-mining enterprises following its participation in the Mining Disrupt 2021 show in Miami.

The Mining Disrupt 2021 event took place from July 20th to 22nd in Miami, Florida. It was predominantly attended by representatives from companies in the tech, energy, and cryptocurrency mining industries.

XcelPlus International Chief Executive Officer Charles Robinson expressed his excitement with the outcome of the show.

“We connected with the owners and operators of many crypto-mining enterprises while we were in attendance at Mining Disrupt 2021,” said Robinson. “We are actively negotiating with several of these companies over the prospects of using our plasma gasifiers to potentially fuel their crypto-mining projects.”

Crypto mining has come under fire recently due to the energy demands and excessive burning of fossil fuels, which is often perceived by the general public to be wasteful.

“By using our plasma gasifiers to support their crypto mining expeditions, these mining companies will be benefiting entire communities by cleaning up landfills and clearing away unsightly waste materials,” explained Robinson. “Through these processes, they will be seen as contributing to a societal good even as they pursue wealth through their crypto mining endeavors.”

In addition to partnerships with crypto miners, XcelPlus is also actively soliciting partnerships with mining rig suppliers and exploring the viability of investing in a Bitcoin mining operation of its own.

“We are also working to resolve listing issues and bring our company into 15c2-11 compliance to assist investors with their financial decisions and to make our company more transparent,” stated Robinson.

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