XcelPlus International inks letter of intent to build plasma gasifiers for India landfill removal consortium

RENO, NV, August 17, 2021 — McapMediaWire — XcelPlus International Inc. (OTC PINK: XLPID) announced today that it has received a signed letter of intent to build plasma gasifiers for a landfill removal consortium based in India.

The letter of intent with the consortium is the first official agreement signed by XcelPlus International in the aftermath of the Mining Disrupt 2021 show the company attended in July.

“We have evaluated various processes and technologies to find one that checks all the boxes for us, from cost-effectiveness to downstream environmental impact,” stated Byron Young, President and CEO of Youngster, LLC. “The XcelPlus gasifier is the only one we have found to fit the bill. Our consortium, which currently holds four long-term concessions to process municipal solid waste, will need to acquire as many as 36 more of these gasifiers to convert the harmful waste from these landfills into beneficial forms of renewable energy.”

Xcelplus International Chief Executive Officer Charles Robinson said more agreements are in the works.

“This agreement with the India landfill removal consortium underscores how XcelPlus International is truly an international company,” remarked Robinson. “Our plasma gasifiers are global in both their scope and their need. Their capability to be easily shipped anywhere, assembled remotely, and to gasify up to 50 tons of assorted waste streams per day makes them a tremendous asset in the battle against waste and pollution.”

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