XcelPlus International upgrades its plasma gasifiers into 50-ton-per-day, portable units


RENO, NV, July 29, 2021 – McapMediaWire– XcelPlus International Inc. (OTC Pink: XLPID) announced today that it has completed the process of redesigning and upgrading its plasma gasifiers.

In March of this year, XcelPlus engaged Andy Schlote, the lead engineer of Cohen Architecture and Sustainable Design in St. Louis, to provide a set of design specifications and drawings for the construction of the company’s new portable 50-ton-per-day waste-to-energy gasifier. Schlote is a holder of several patents reflecting his expertise in the field of gasification processes. The new 50-ton-per-day unit, based on the company’s stationary 25-ton gasification system, is expected to be the subject of one or more new patent applications.

“We are thrilled with the performance of Cohen Architecture and Andy Schlote on this project,” stated Charles Robinson, Chief Executive Officer of XcelPlus International. “Their team has enabled us to stay ahead of schedule, and the design they helped create marks an important milestone in achieving our goal: the worldwide zero-emission conversion of unsightly and hazardous waste into clean, green energy.”

“Xcelplus International’s philosophy of providing Energy that Cleans(TM) is fully embodied in the company’s new gasification system, which can be brought to a landfill and used to convert the waste contained in that landfill into clean energy.  “Each unit will convert up to 50 tons of waste per day without the need of an external power source and without polluting the air, land or waterways,” said Mr. Robinson.

The company intends to fabricate and launch its first 50-ton-per-day gasifier in the Houston, Texas area in the near future.

Forward Looking Statements

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