ZICIX Corp. President Ramiro Jordan Announces Vision for the Future


Carson City, NV, July 28, 2021McapMediaWire – It has only been a month since Ramiro Jordan was appointed as the President of ZICIX Corporation (OTC Pink: ZICX), but he has already been working hard to shape the future of the company. Dr. Jordan sees a vision far beyond coupons on a smartphone app; he plans to use ZICIX as the facilitator of change on a global scale.

Under the guidance of Dr. Jordan, ZICIX will partner with the Peace Engineering Global Initiative, which brings together innovators and educators from a number of sectors including engineering, city planning, healthcare, and energy from around the globe. Peace Engineering strives to accelerate the deployment of products and services in order to take impact investing to the next level. At the core of Peace Engineering is a mindfulness of the planet’s sustainable future, while calling leaders to act in unison in order to identify and avoid unintended consequences from the outset.

“The focus will be on maintaining a decentralized development team around the globe, with a hub and soft-landing platform to accelerate and leverage both global innovations and marketplaces of these high-impact products and services.” Dr. Jordan explained.

ZICIX plans to vertically integrate through partnerships, including telecommunications technology (including 5G), energy, infrastructure, innovative business models, and community-empowering models for sustainable economic development. ZICIX will then be able to identify market-ready products and services, as well as proof-of-value pilot programs, that can rapidly lead to successful field deployments.  By collaborating with its worldwide tech network, ZICIX strives to be at the forefront of the movement towards solving problems before they reach the point of no return, such as climate change, viruses, mass migration and famine. 

ZICIX has brought together a world-class team to execute the vision of Peace Engineering, headed by President Ramiro Jordan. His exemplary track record and ability to execute high-impact technologies is made apparent by his leadership in organization such as IFEES and ISTEC. For over 30 years, ISTEC has promoted socio-economic development by advancing open science and technology in the developing world. ISTEC, under the leadership of Dr. Jordan, is credited with creating over 500 teaching and research labs, installing the first supercomputer in Latin America, and creating worldwide open-access repositories. Dr. Jordan has also advised governmental science and technology policy and is a founder of the Peace Engineering Global Initiative.

ZICIX will be moving all operational headquarters to Albuquerque, New Mexico, so that Dr. Jordan may move forward with the full support of the company and have access to the resources needed to bring his vision to fruition. 

About Zicix Corporation (OTC Pink: ZICX): Originally founded as a service provider to the Healthcare industry, the Zicix Corporation has recently been restructured with the intention of acquiring and developing technology applications designed for service companies in consumer, retail and other industries.

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